Why Applying Early to Colleges is Essential

Why Applying Early to Colleges is Essential


In less than six weeks, colleges will begin accepting applications from the class of 2018. In fact, a few schools — U of Alabama, Wake Forest — begin accepting applications now. Yes, it’s July.




Well, colleges want students, and in order for students to enroll, they need applications. Schools woo students early on — spring of junior year — with an array of emails and offers to waive the application fee. They make students feel good about themselves and encourage them to be interested in their school with the hope that they will apply. Whether or not they get in is another story. Regardless, an application helps a college to look great in the eyes of their administration. High application numbers usually indicates popularity, and colleges like to be popular.


Why Applying Early to Colleges is Essential 2


So it is in the best interest of the rising senior to apply to a college that offers Early Action or Rolling Admission as early as possible. A strong application with sharp essays signals that a student is enthusiastic about the possibility of being in that college community.  Colleges understand that a senior has taken time out of their summer and given maximum effort to the application process. That’s impressive.


In addition, for schools that offer Rolling Admissions, their goal is to fill their class of 2022 as quickly as possible.  The more students they can admit early, the more than can share how great their campus is with the hope of yielding the candidate. This usually makes the year-long enrollment management responsibility a bit easier.  


Colleges love to be loved and students want to be admitted. It’s a win-win for both parties. While it is not quite a race, it is beneficial to your psyche to submit an early application to a school that is on your list, even if it’s on the periphery. Just make sure, it does not have a binding Early Decision stipulation.


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