What You Can Do While the Common App is Down

For seniors (or parents) who are trying to log into the Common Application account this week, I’m sure by now you’ve realized that you can’t.  The Common App is taking a one-week “refresher” staycation so it can be ready for the heavy lifting it has to do in the fall.


But no worries, if you have started the Common Application already by creating an account and entering data, your information is still there.


So do you know what you can do while you wait for the Common App?




Yes, the additional essays that are oh so important to college process are being released right around now. Some have been released, other are forthcoming, and some schools that do not use the Common App at all — like the University of Texas system — have also released their essay questions. Officially you cannot start the data entry part of their application before August 1 either.


Here are the links for the essays for some of the most popular schools for our students. Most of them have already started. If you have a senior and they have not started these essays yet, why not? Waiting may only lead to procrastination. Which leads to stress. Which leads to parent and child arguing. It’s not worth it. Read the questions with your kid now, help him or her to brainstorm a bit and then encourage to write.



Or have them contact us!  917-727-1055 or inquiry@strategicadmissionsadvice.com

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U of Richmond


U of North Carolina


U of Virginia


U of Texas





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