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The Ultimate Sophomore Checklist

High school years are just as stressful for the parent as it is for the teen! Making sure your teen is on the right path to not only excel in their current classes but also be prepared for the long road to college admissions is certainly challenging. But before you or your student get overwhelmed, consider getting organized and setting realistic and tangible goals. You don’t have to grow the mustard tree today, just plant the seed!

It is all about baby steps. Even the smallest tasks can help your child tremendously. The last thing you want to do is wait until their junior or senior year and start scrambling and coming up with a plan. If you procrastinate you lose. Your child loses.

Here are 8 goals imperative for you and your SOPHOMORE student to take in order to get accepted into his or her choice college. Don’t delay!

1. Visit college campuses with your child.
Visit at least 5 of his or her ideal schools. This is good for momentum and figuring out the next steps. Ask several questions when you are there from financial aid to student life. Make a list of their admissions requirements. Be informed.

2. Meet your child’s counselor!
Make sure your child is taking the appropriate college prep courses. Also create a diploma plan.

3. Encourage your child to challenge him or herself.                                                      Have your child take tough classes, AP classes, honor classes, and foreign languages. Advance classes look great on a college resume!

4. Get organized.
Keep a folder(s) of the following:
Accomplishments for your child
Completed community service
List of internships
Personal and academic reference letters     

5. Test prep     
Prepare for the PSAT in the fall by getting practice books and familiarizing your child with the test structure. Register to take it in the spring.

6. Lock it in
Help your child keep a schedule or calendar of important testing and admissions dates and deadlines and hold him or her accountable.

7. Help your child search for Internships
Real life work experiences is not only good for a college application it is good for their overall development and skill building.

8. Give back
This is the perfect time to teach your child that it better to give than to receive! Find a community service organization for them to plug into and have them commit to service the rest of their high school years if possible. Colleges love students with a sense of community and dedication.


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