The Triple Threat Applicant

Getting into your choice school may seem difficult. Thousands of seemingly qualified applicants are denied entry to top schools across the country. There is no shortage of high-quality prospective students. At this crucial beginning to your college experience, everyone knows to bring their “A” game, nail their SAT and final exams, and excel in their AP classes.

The good news is admissions officers are looking for reasons to like you! They are looking for ways you are a fit to their community not for ways to keep you out. Make sure your application paints the big picture showing them the benefit you will be to their campus and ensuring them that you will excel there. Their goal is your success.

Remember, all smart students know to put effort into their grades and test scores! Make sure you go above and beyond and be a triple threat by having your application stand above the rest in the following three ways:

1. Rock your Essay
Your essay is where you shine. This is your chance to show your passion, persuasion, critical thinking, and thoughtfulness that could never be articulated by the short answers that consume the rest of the application. Your essay should:

Highlight your interests

Meet their word count expectation

Be full of details

Be thought-provoking

Be grammatically correct

Have zero filler or unimportant commentary

Be reviewed and edited by three different trusted peers or adults

2. Flaunt your Leadership Capabilities
“I am a leader,” is the line that nearly all students will echo at some point during their application process. Everyone is a self-proclaimed leader so do not fall short by just claiming a leadership title. Tell very specifically how you are a leader and what your leadership has accomplished. Give your case study! This is the time to be boastful and share growth numbers, testimonies, before and after reviews, and any details that show that you are an incredibly effective leader.

3. Illustrate your Impact
Keeping in mind that their goal is to decide if you will succeed at their institution, spell it out for them! Tell them the organizations that you will be a part of and what unique skills you will bring. List numerous groups and causes important to the school and give examples of how you would like to participate. Research their student life tab on their website and leverage social media to see what current students are saying. Get an overall feel to what it means to be an active student there and paint a detailed picture that shows you will blend in well with their community, and you will positively impact their student life goals and representation.

Submit an incredibly thoughtful and powerful essay, demonstrate your leadership abilities, and explain how you will leave your mark at their school and you are on your way to receiving that coveted acceptance letter!

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