The Pro’s and Cons of Social Media for College Admission

When it comes to enrolling in college, there are several tips that can be of the utmost help. You, of course, want the admissions process to be as smooth as possible, and this is why it is so important that you clean up your social media profiles. In fact, more and more college admissions officers are looking at applicants’ social media profiles to help make a decision as to whether or not they will be a good fit for the school and its curriculum programs.


According to a survey released by Kaplan Test Prep, admissions officers are now four times more likely to look at your social media profiles than they used to be when compared to 2008. Did these officers scour your pages, reading all of your posts and looking at all of your photos? For the most part, no. They simply took quick glimpses to assess an applicant’s hobbies, assess criminal behaviors (such as underage drinking) and to verify awards.


For many applicants (42%), the results of an admissions officer looking at their social media profiles led to a negative admissions outcome. Still yet, there were many times (58%) that glimpsing at the profiles led to positive results, such as learning about a specific award that wasn’t mentioned on an applicant’s application.


Tracking applicants through their social media profiles is also beneficial because it can help admissions officers predict how likely an applicant is to succeed after enrollment. For example, if an applicant has uploaded a high number of photos related to the college, this is a good indicator that he or she is very excited to go to college, thus being more likely to succeed and graduate.

What Should You Do?

Social media for college admission is becoming more common, so it is imperative that you clean up your social media profiles as much as possible. If you have your hopes set on getting into a certain university, becoming friends with other students at the school, as well as uploading pictures related to the campus, can have a positive impact on the admissions process. Also, you will want to delete any photos that may indicate you like to drink and party, as this can sway admissions officers toward thinking that you aren’t very serious about making smart choices during your college endeavors.


It’s all about being mindful. If it’s not something you would want your grandmother to see, don’t post it.


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