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Last year, in 2016, the Common App did something that every student and parent I know appreciated: they made the application available online early in the spring. That means for students and families who were planning to get away for the summer to relax a bit or do some kind of summer academic course program, they could start to complete the data entry AND draft the personal essays during spring break of their junior year and be ahead of the game.

Folks, the Common App has done it again and I love them for it.

The Common App Rollover means that juniors can create their account now and it will remain available for them in 2017-2018 as seniors.  Here are three things that are crucial to know:

  1. Students can create an account now at Accounts created this year will roll over.
  2. The student’s username and Common App ID will all be preserved. This means they will be able to sign in to the application system later in the year using the same email address they used this year.
  3. All Common App data will be preserved.

You know what’s even better, this year, for 2017-2018, they even created a Parent Account so that parents can experiment with the Common App! Smartly, the good people at the Common App figured out that parents do not want to feel so left in the dark about what it is and what it’s so important. Parents can create their own unique Common App account and it will not be connected to their child’s or submitted to any colleges. It’s a “look and see” that will help parent and child support each other during the college application process time.

We work with students from around the world and most of our current juniors (Class of 2018) have already started the Common App. I mean, why not? Having them complete the basic data entry now will allow us to focus on the more important and, dare I say, significant components later. The Activities and Writing (personal essay) sections are ready to start now and the Writing Supplements will be available later in the summer. Those are the tricky parts where most students need help and wise advice.


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