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Seniors Parents Read This! — Senior Checklist Part 1 – Early September

If you are the parent of a senior in high school, there’s a good chance that you’re sweating. There’s a lot to do and there’s a lot of stress.


However, when you break it down into bite-size-pieces, and see it week by week, month by month, it’s not that bad. I promise.


So, there’s no time to for lengthy blog posts about the process. It’s go time!!!


What seniors must do NOW in order to succeed with their college application process.


  1. Complete the Common Application. This is a must. It’s not difficult but it’s tedious. Go!

  2. Identify if the colleges you are applying to are, or will be, visiting your high school soon. Many colleges and universities visit high schools and others have receptions in cities and towns nearby. Have your child check their email and Naviance account at school to see when and where this might happen.

  3. Know your high school’s protocol for sending transcripts. Your school counselor is a big part of the process. DO NOT neglect building a relationship with them and knowing when and how they plan to forward the transcript and recommendations to the colleges. Whatever their process may be, know it, understand it and do it!


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