Parents- Does Your Child Know What To Do at a College Fair?

Parents- Does Your Child Know What To Do at a College Fair?

Spring is here and college admissions reps are on the road. This is the time of year when admissions officers may be hard to pin down because 1) they’re trying to yield the students they have accepted and may be attending receptions for these students that they want and 2) the cycle starts all over again and it’s time for them to start recruiting members of the class of 2019.


College fairs can be sponsored by various organizations but you should always look for the one that NACAC offers in your area. Here is a complete listing of where the NACAC college fairs will be this spring.


Once you’re there, it’s not time to congregate with friends. Step away from the pack and make your way to several tables. It’s a time to connect with admissions reps to learn more about their schools. Here are some quick tips to use at a college fair.


Dress appropriately. While a three-piece suit is not required, remember you’re making a first impression. Be comfortable and presentable. In order to engage with someone in a professional manner, you should look the part. A nice shirt or blouse and simple pants or skirt makes sense.

Have an agenda. If you’re a junior, you should have 5-10 colleges that are on your tentative list right now. See if these schools are at the fair and meet the rep. That person may be the same person to read your application in a few months. It’s always a good thing to grab a business card.

Learn about a college that is not on your tentative list. Never be afraid to ask questions. A college that is new to you may be the perfect place to be. You will never know unless you take a chance and learn from their rep.

Ask questions (Yes, I said it again). You will be presented with a lot of information. Read the handouts and allow the overall information to generate additional questions. You always want to be clear about academic offerings and social/extracurricular opportunities.

Follow up. If a school or two becomes one of your favorites, email the admissions rep and tell them so. If you can start a dialogue now — build an email rapport –  you are taking initiative and ownership of your education. Impressive, to say the least!  (and we have templates for you to use. CLICK HERE to check out our FREE Resource library!) 

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