November checklist

November Checklist for Every College-Bound High Schooler

November is an important month for high school students and not just because of Thanksgiving! This is the time when many college deadlines are coming up! November is the month of moves. Like with everything, procrastination is the enemy. Don’t get left behind and miss deal breaker deadlines.


Here is a November checklist for every college-bound high schooler.

  1. Early Admissions

Every school is different but many early admissions deadlines are this month. Check with your choice school’s website and make sure you are aware of their deadlines.

  1. Complete your Essay

At this point, your admittance essays should be fully drafted, and you should begin the process of peer and third-party editing.

  1. Connect with your Current Counselor

Your current semesters final grades are around the corner, and at this point, you should be aware of your school’s policy for transferring your transcripts.

  1. Scores

Your SAT or ACT scores should be in, and you should not only have your results but have confirmation that your scores were sent to the appropriate schools.

  1. Register for the SAT/ACT

If you are participating in regular registration which could be as late as early spring, you may not have taken your SAT/ACT yet. This the perfect time to register and get the ball going.

  1. The Talk

Now is the time parents and students should be discussing financial aid options and plans for paying for tuition. This is a great time to start organizing important documents such as tax returns etc.

  1. Keep Going

It is not over until it’s over! All students should still be maintaining grades and participating in extracurricular and volunteer opportunities. Remain a stellar student!

  1. Start Applying for Scholarships

Just like college admissions, scholarships are competitive. Do not wait until the last minute, start applying this month!

  1. Final Choices

If you have not narrowed down your final choices of colleges that you will apply to now is the time. During this month schedule your 1st or 2nd campus tour and make a checklist of their admissions requirements.

  1. Make Sure you are on Track for Graduation

You may think it is rare for a bright, college-bound student to overlook something as common as necessary credits to graduate high school, but unfortunately, it happens all of the time. It is usually due to a lack of communication. Revisit your high school’s graduation requirements and make sure you are on track for completion.

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