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Juniors (Class of 2019), you’re up!

While everyone thinks that the fall is all about seniors and what they have to do for the college process, juniors are now officially on the clock. In ten months, your child will be a senior, thus you should start preparing for their college process.


Whether you (junior family) choose to visit schools on Columbus Day (hint! hint!) or solidify a standardized test tutor, now is the time to look at the school year in its entirety and decide what needs to be done and when.


So to help you (yes, you again junior family!) to start actual planning, here’s a checklist.


  • Take the PSAT in October OR be committed to the ACT. You should have diagnostic test scores no later than going into the new year (January)


  • Visit Colleges — Columbus Day, Veterans Day, or any other day you can squeeze it in, you need to. Families who say “we will visit once we have scores” usually feel rushed in the spring and late summer of senior year. Visiting now as a junior starts to frame the conversation about what your son or daughter likes versus does not like.


  • Get the best grades of high school. Whoever can convey this best to your child, should do so immediately. Colleges read applications backwards and will want to see senior year courses and then junior grades. This is the year that counts the most.


  • Have a clear timetable for the ACT or SAT. Once there is diagnostic testing and a goal in place that your child wants to score, register them for those dates. Preferred locations fill up quickly.


  • Decide if and which SAT Subject Tests will be taken and when. This should be discussed with a guidance counselor, teacher or private college coach.  And, yes, you should register your child asap.


  • Start researching schools. The conversation about what schools are on the radar should not  happen for the first time in January. Being assertive in the admissions process and taking initiative will lead to informed decision making for visits and potentially applications.


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