Tracking your application is necessary and simple to do online.

Steady Tracking: How to Track your College Applications Online

You submitted your transcripts and did remarkably on your SAT. You wrote an absolutely beautiful, colorful, and thoughtful essay. You answered all 151 questions listed on the college application and told your life story. Now what? Your next step is crucial. Now is not the time to sit back and hope for the best. Tracking your application is necessary and simple to do online. This seems obviously simple; however, many students overlook this step of the enrolling process. Tracking your application will help you stay organized and helps you communicate with the admissions officers.

Here are 4 tips for following your application from submission to hopefully acceptance!

1. Create an online account.

Many prospective students do not overly engage with their chosen school’s website. This is a common mistake. Especially if you are applying to several schools, connecting with all of them online and creating multiple accounts is tedious but useful. Do it anyway! Create an account and seek a perspective students tab or link. Near the apply section, you should see an option to update or track your application.

2. Ask for help.

If you do not see any option to track your application, call the admissions office and ask what methods do they offer to help you track your process. If they do not offer online tracking ask for confirmation that they received your resume and then make a follow-up call in 7-10 days to confirm that it is complete and they have all of the information that they need.

3. You’ve got mail!

Once you have created an account, seek an inbox or messages tab. If your application is missing something or the admissions team needs additional information they may communicate with you there. If they do not offer an inbox on their website, check your email account that they have on file often to see if they are reaching out to you there.

4. Submit final senior grades.

Do not assume your high school counselor will automatically or timely submit your final grades and transcripts to your prospective colleges. Seek an online option to add additional documents or physically mail them. If you are local and really ambitious drop them off yourself!

Stay active! The above tips are useful to make sure your application submission is 100% complete. But do not just stay behind your computer screen clicking away. Attend any of your chosen college’s events, socialize, network, take many tours, plug in, and show your face. Remember the two P’s: paperwork and personality. Make sure your documents are accurate and complete and that you diligently seek opportunities for your personality and talents to shine.

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