For College Students, Summertime is NOT (necessarily) "Downtime"

Why college admissions offices LOVE students who finish strong!

The old adage of “it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish,” is extremely applicable to grades 9-11. With all that June brings — sunshine, more smiles, more tests, summer anticipation — there is also the very real fact that those who end the year better than they started, are you usually the ones who have more college choices in the end.

you can do it

Colleges and universities LOVE seeing students close out the year strong. For them, it indicates that students are at their finest when it matters most and that the student/person that may be on their campus in 15 months (if the student is a junior) is maturing and gearing up for the college curriculum.

Thankfully, most high school transcripts will only include end-of-year grades. If there was any concern throughout the year that a student was teetering between an A and a B or a B and a C (D’s are not allowed!) finishing the year with exceptional effort will probably help to show the teacher commitment, and push a student over the top.

June is a time when most students are short on energy and high off the possibilities of summer. Please remind them to buckle down for these last few weeks and then the summer truly belongs to them!

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