How and Why I Love HBCUs

Part of me has always wished that I went to an HBCU. For those of you who do not know, HBCU stands for Historically Black College and University.  Wikipedia defines…

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Love and College Admissions: A Valentines’s Day Special

Love is a wonderful thing and should be shared between people, pets, healthy endorphins and food. Yet, I still hear it all the time from students and parents: “we loooove…

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Parents do you need help understanding standardized testing?

One of the great American rites of passage is taking standardized tests. For decades, usually, juniors and seniors have taken the SAT and ACT in preparation for their college applications….


How to Appeal an Admissions Decision

College rejection is never easy. It is especially difficult to accept if you know you meet all of the school’s admissions requirements and you have successfully demonstrated how you will…

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Everything You Need to Know About Your PSAT Score

If you are following common guidelines to the college admissions process and sticking to it, you took your PSAT at least by your sophomore year. Well it’s here: ‘Tis the…

The Triple Threat Applicant

Getting into your choice school may seem difficult. Thousands of seemingly qualified applicants are denied entry to top schools across the country. There is no shortage of high-quality prospective students….


The Truth of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a common taboo in the world of both students and professionals. As soon as we were taught how to formulate a paragraph and structure an essay, we were…

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5 Necessary SAT Tips

For high school students Fall means two things: the dreaded midterm and SAT testing. SAT testing doesn’t necessarily prove how smart a student is. However, it does give an idea…

Your Kid's College List Should Look Like

Your Kid’s College List Should Look Like…….

  No bigger question is on the mind of junior families right now than, “What should my kid’s college list like?” Or to rephrase it: “Where should he/she apply?” It…

The BEST SAT and ACT Information You'll Ever Get

The BEST SAT and ACT Information You’ll Ever Get

As you can imagine, we get bombarded with SAT companies wanting to share their contact info with us so we can, in turn, share it with our awesome clients. We…