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Are Extracurricular Activities REALLY That Important

Studies have shown that children who take part in after-school programs can enjoy the benefit of an academic boost. In fact, such studies showed that students who took part in regular after-school programs performed better academically than their peers who did not attend after-school activities. More importantly, these students enjoyed notable improvements in both their behaviors and work habits. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most valuable reasons to enroll your child in after-school programs.

Enhanced Time Management

Children who take part in after-school programs are taught how to effectively manage their time. Many of the programs require the students to first finish their homework before they can move on to any of the other activities; this is an excellent way to teach time management and help students learn how to keep their priorities in line.

Ability to Explore Different Interests

There are many different types of after-school programs for students to choose from. From band to the drama club to baseball and more, there is a little bit of something for everyone. It is usually ideal to let a student try out various programs first before deciding on two to three that they would like to devote their time toward. By letting a student choose from him or herself which programs to partake in, this allows the student to discover where his or her passions truly lie.

Giving Back to the Community

Many after-school programs take part in community service. Students who give back to their communities learn the importance of lending a helping hand and it also provides them with a way to network with other people in the community, which can be of the utmost help after graduation for college admission and securing employment.

Boosting Self-esteem

When students learn how to master certain skills, this can boost their self-esteem. After-school programs provide children with lots of opportunities to master a variety of different skills, such as playing instruments. After-school sports are also helpful in mastering certain physical skills, such as basketball and volleyball.

The Takeaway

Parents should let their children be involved as much as possible in after-school programs and activities. Many of the programs are available free of charge and provide a safe environment for children to discover their passions.

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