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Interpreting the PSAT

Last week, we gave an overview of standardized on the whole, and this week we’ll offer a brief synopsis of what the PSAT is all about. Scores for students who…

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Do You and Your Child Understand Standardized Tests?

One of the great American rites of passage is taking standardized tests. For decades, usually, juniors and seniors have taken the SAT and ACT in preparation for their college applications….

Veteran's Day To Do's for Seniors

Veteran’s Day To Do’s for Seniors

Veteran’s Day is Friday, and I salute my dad, uncles, cousin and any other men and women across our country who have served and sacrificed for my freedom. Without my…

Parents, Are You Wondering If Outside Recommendations Are Helpful?

Parents, Are You Wondering If Outside Recommendations Are Helpful?

The short answer to the question is “yes.” Outside recommendations can come from employers, clergy, or people in the community who know your child well. These recommendations can add an…

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Tips to Get Your Child Ready for the PSAT!!!!

Well, not you exactly, but your kid. Most juniors and many sophomores will take the PSAT this month and need to know what to do and what to expect. I…

The 5 Things Every College Freshman Must Do To Be Successful

The 5 Things Every College Freshman Must Do To Be Successful

Most college freshmen have been in school for at least a month now. They’ve gone to classes, found the library and partied a little bit. All of this is part…


3 Reasons Why Students Should NOT Email Admissions Reps in September

This time of the year, almost every parent we work with asks me if their kid should email the admissions counselor at their first choice school. My consistent response was:…


The Do’s and Don’ts for Parents and the College Admissions Process

I love my children dearly. As a father of four, there are only a few things I would not do for them to ensure their happiness. Would I choose their…


Here Are 5 Reasons Why College Rankings Rule

They’re here…… I spend a lot of time in airports, and one of the requisite things to do in all airports is to cruise the news and magazine stands. Admittedly,…

How To Ace The College Interview Part 2

How to Ace the College Interview – Part 2

Last week I wrote about what questions your child can ask in a college interview. CLICK HERE to check out the blog and make sure your child is armed with…